About Us

ASMAN (Association of St. Mary's Alumnae Nepal) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization devoted to the cause of aiding and supporting underprivileged Nepali women and children since 1990. ASMAN's work and commitment encompasses support in the areas of health, education, environment, cultural awareness and development. The Association brings together former students of St. Mary's High School, the most prestigious girls' school in the country.


ASMAN was established in the year 1990 with the following objectives:

·         To live up to the school's ideal " for knowledge, virtue and for the betterment of society " 

·         To aid the social, cultural and academic development of underprivileged women and children and also

·         To help St. Mary's School.


ASMAN History


St. Mary's School, which was established in 1955, had completed 35 years of quality education. The ex-students felt a forum was needed where they could meet and share ideas and experiences. Thus, the idea of establishing an association emerged. It was believed that this would create a positive and meaningful linkage among all ex-students.

With the purpose of creating a forum, the ex-St. Mary's students from the years 1971/72 started small get-togethers. After such few small get-togethers at Bina Gurung's residence, the group came to the conclusion that it would be more purposeful and useful if they could involve a larger number of ex-St. Marians. They decided to form an alumnae association in cooperation with the Sisters of their school. On meeting with the sisters, it was discovered that they too had been thinking along similar lines. This was a pleasant surprise indeed!

Following this positive response from the school, a message requesting all the Ex-St. Mary's students to attend a get-together, for the purpose of establishing an alumnae association, appeared in The Rising Nepal on August 6, 1990. The turnover on August 26, 1990, at St. Mary's Hall was overwhelming! The excitement and pleasure generated from old friends meeting after years of separation was a joy to behold. Class representatives of each year from 1961 to 1990 were selected on this day. On September 9, 1990, the class representatives met and, from amongst them, an Ad Hoc Working Committee was formed.